I am very impressed with Agile Court’s professional organization. Your employees take great pride in their work resulting in a first class product.Lee Issa, OwnerSweptaway Resort, Jamaica

Resurfacing & Maintenance

Playing and enjoying tennis to its fullest rests heavily on the court’s surface and its condition. Beautiful and well-maintained courts just naturally attract people and make each game that much more pleasurable. Sun, wind, rain and extreme temperatures can take its toll on tennis, basketball, volleyball and other playing surfaces. Agile Courts offers complete resurfacing and repair services—with our help you can upgrade, restore or refresh your old court into a brand-new one. We’ve been repairing and resurfacing existing tennis courts for as long as we’ve been building them, 38 years and counting.

Utilizing the highest quality materials and time-tested methods, our expert technicians can give your tennis court a fresh new look and feel. If your court has cracks, high spots, depressions or resembles a country road, resurfacing and repair is an excellent option.

Agile Courts also offers professional pressure cleaning services for all types of courts. After being hit with excessive rains or severe weather, any court could benefit from a thorough cleaning. This is also an excellent way to refresh your surface every few months or so.

tennis court before resurfacing/maintenance

Before Resurfacing/Maintenance

tennis court after resurfacing/maintenance

After Resurfacing/Maintenance

Resurfacing Highlights

  • Resurfacing and repair of old, damaged courts
  • Restore cracked surfaces to new for a fraction of the cost of new construction
  • Quality resurfacing and repair done by our skilled professionals
  • Resurfacing services that range from simple crack repairs to complete court restoration

Agile Courts Construction Quality Work Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of all of our work and are fully licensed and insured (CC#11661). All of our construction and design professionals are employees of Agile Courts Construction and are fully covered under our company insurance policy.

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