Design & Consultation

Throughout our 38 years of business, we’ve witnessed the difference between passing fads and true quality. This is why at Agile Courts, we only build with time tested and proven products. Working closely with our architects and engineers, we offer our clients a complete design, consultation and construction experience, from below ground drainage to applying the finishing touches. We carefully plan every phase of each project and adhere to the adage “do it right the first time”. Every one of our courts is engineered to meet your needs, location, climate and preferences and is guaranteed to be of superior design and quality. Our reference list of over 6,000 courts around the globe is true testimony to our commitment to being the very best in the world.

Custom Court Picker

Choice from a selection of inner and outer court colors to get a feel of what court design is best suited for your needs.

It is important to note that the colors viewed on this site are for general representation only. All colors look different when viewed on a computer monitor. To view the actual color card please call our customer service at 1.305.667.1228.